This is a very sudden shift in their behavior. Try not to handle her to much as that stress them out which can kill them. Likewise, blue-faced parrot finches, cordon bleu finches, and green singing finches may do well in a single pair, but should not be mixed with other birds, including other finches of the same species. So it may be a sign of playing? Once a finch reaches the age of 3 months, they're usually sexually mature and are able to breed. I raised the female myself and all the other finches we have gotten have died, so I bought her a male, I have noticed my female on the bottom of the cage often in this last week or so hiding under the newspaper. Each species has its own unique set of courtship behaviors, such that the song and dance of the zebra finch appears different from the song and dance of the bengalese finch, for example. Chickadees have been known to pluck hairs from humans, dogs, even other birds to place in their nest. Hope this helps, although I do have two zebra finches that continuously peck at one another. They are coming and going and interacting with each other in a well-established social pecking order. If she does get over this you need to find another single birds as they should always be keep in even numbers. When keeping zebra finches, the height of the cage is not as vital as having room to fly horizontally, so a long but short cage is acceptable. It usually takes about 2 months for a baby bird to grow and leave the nest, and then the Zebra finch parents are able to breed again. They usually just bicker and chase each other. A cage cover will allow your finches to get the rest they need. Zebra finches often breed after a heavy rainfall, and can do so at any time of the year. Up until this week they've been best friends (sleeping together, eating together, bathing together) and got along since they met about 4 months ago. Keep a close eye on them and make sure they don't hurt each other. hi i have 2 zebra finchs one girl and one boy and they have had a baby,i dont no the sex of baby yet.the dad does all the work.the baby is now out the nest and getting about really well.but now the dad chases round the cage now and being horrible. Hi there, I have two Zebra finches one Male and one female. Caring for a Zebra Finch . Remember that birds wake at sunrise and sleep at sunset. This is a very sudden shift in their behavior. Not only will … To test zebra finches’ ability to recognize individual calls, and the number of exposures they need to do so, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, designed a five-day “learning ladder.” Birds were initially trained on a small set of call data … I have watched the mockingbird that … However, cocks within a given species may use variations on a theme, so that one zebra cock's song may sound surprisingly different from another zebra cock's song. Do finches need to be covered at night? At first it looks like just a flurry of activity—but watch closely and you’ll start to see the daily struggle of dominance playing out in your backyard. Zebra finches also fight with finches of another species. Birds are doing a lot more than just feeding when they visit your bird feeder. Lighting – Your finches require exposure to ultraviolet light on a daily basis.. Why are my zebra finches chasing each other? It is a good idea to get the largest cage you can. If you want to keep two pairs or other species, you would likely need multiple cages. Hi, My finches (M & F pair) appear to be fighting each other. I … It is interesting to watch male birds, titmice (and other species) peck at their reflections in windows, car mirrors, etc. Zebra finches are usaully that aggressive with each other. A good size for a pair of finches is 30 inches long, 18 inches high, and 18 inches wide.
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