Your feedback is always appreciated! This studio VCA compressor in a pedal employs THAT VCA chips like those found in, for example, modern iterations of the SSL bus compressor. To improve on this, Pulsar Audio have actually integrated a full equalization section, as well as look ahead/behind transient capabilities. The VT-737sp tends to be described as “glossy,” and since this is the most-used vocal compressor in my mixing arsenal, I can confirm that. Universal Audio’s 1176LN reissue is what you’re most likely to find in stores now, but you can hunt down previous revisions of the 1176 by searching websites like Vintage King. The thing to keep in mind about optical compressors is that the materials used in their construction greatly affect how they behave. I explain how each compressor works and … A compressor is a device that reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal, making the difference between the loud and quiet parts of the signal less significant. Putting the 1176 into this state is commonly referred to as “all button mode” or “British mode.”. The preset uses the new Classic VCA compressor model which is a heavy nod to the dbx 160 hardware compressor (note the lack of attack and release controls). It will “curve.” So if the circuit gives you 10 dB of gain-reduction, the first five decibels might release much more quickly than the following five.”. A mini powerhouse with adapted studio-grade VCA internals to produce an ultra clean, noiseless compressor at an affordable price. Hear the difference with audio examples. Why would one compressor sound different than another? It can deliver the speed of a VCA, the personality of an FET, the warmth of an optical, or the coloration of a tube compressor—depending on the settings you use. In addition to being a popular choice for vocals, VCA compressors are often used for mastering purposes because of the transparency they tend to provide. It can sound really cool for example to use a compressor to really stomp on a … The way in which the LA-2A applies compression is highly program-dependent. Coming from the digital audio world, this might seem a bit odd. Based on the topology that a compressor belongs to, you can make a few assumptions about the character it will impart on the signal you compress. For mastering purposes, this isn’t typically something you’re looking for, but FET compressors tend to suit a wide variety of aggressive rock and rap vocals. I want you to be able to decide when it makes sense to reach for a compressor from one topology versus another. FET compressors, or field effect transistor compressors, make use of transistor circuits. This compressor is designed after the legendary center section module from SSL’s G-Series analog console of the 1980s. This beast is two compressors in one! The Studio VCA, for example, has a distinct Focusrite-like look behind it, while the Vintage VCA is eerily reminiscent of an SSL compressor. Even if you don’t own a hardware compressor, you may be in possession of one or more hardware compressor plugin emulations. A stereo optical compressor followed by a discrete stereo VCA compressor so that you can truly tackle any task from recording any source … Adjust the threshold until you are applying around 10dB of compression (Audio Example 2). Aren’t they all just doing the same thing? For example, one type of compressor may provide “clear” and “transparent” results, while another may apply compression in a way that leads to a “thick” and “creamy” processed signal. It delivers exceptional transparency, smooth gain reduction, and warm harmonic content free of noticeable compression artifacts. This compressor is frequently used to compress pop, hip-hop, and R&B vocals. This is the compressor I have used the most on my mix bus in … In practice, FET compressors are capable of extremely fast attack times, but they tend to introduce some color and distortion to the signal you apply them to—especially when driven. Oops! Generally, VCA compressors provide a very precise level of control, and a sound that’s predictable and clean. There are no attack, release, or threshold controls. If you don’t want to spend $4,000+ on an LA-2A, Warm Audio and Klark Teknik have each designed their own compressor based on this iconic unit, at a fraction of the cost. Some compressors make use of tubes to color the signal running through them, but tube compressors specifically make use of tubes during the gain reduction process.
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