Strong hold for both long and short hairstyles without flaking or clumping is what this product primarily provides. Because of its natural properties, hair clays are a styling product you can feel good about since it’s actually good for your hair and skin and works well. Copyright 2018 by Green and Growing. However, it is a very versatile product and works for a wide variety of hairstyles and it is very easy to wash out. Pastes are good for holding hair styles, offering medium hold to very firm hold, depending on the thickness of the paste you use. You would be hard pressed to find anything outside of an all natural hair gel that doesn't contain this ingredient. Apparantly it washes out extremely easily as well. However, there are definitely more natural ingredients and they impact just how the styling clay will work best. I try to do everything I can to reduce my impact on the environment. If you like a natural look that can last all day and will compliment your hair health, this should be your new go to. Sea salt spray is well known for its summertime, “beachy” look popularity. It’s easily transported, so your hairstyle will be sleek anywhere you go. Determining how you want to use it exactly and the type of sheen you want to achieve will help you determine the best type of hair clay for you. I love hair styling products that give my hair a matte finish. Smooth Viking also uses some great essential oils to boost hair health – carrot seed oil, castor seed oil and soybean oil. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is a niche product designed to hold your hair into place without giving it that wet look that a lot of hair gels will give your hair. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The more diluted the clay is with water, the looser, messier and more natural the look, the thicker, less diluted clay will result in a longer-lasting hold. This is a gentle hair clay for men that exfoliates and cleans hair without stripping it of needed moisture. As with any hair styling product, Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is about being able to get the right style. Many of the hair gel products on the market today are full of harsh chemicals that, while doing their job of holding your hair well, wreck your hair’s health. Admittedly, most people purchase hair products based on effectiveness. | Powered by WordPress. Hair styling products are something that you might not think about in terms of healthiness when you are buying a new tube. There are a lot of similar products, and they serve to thicken your hair. Use a blow dryer to get even more volume and a bigger style. Hair gel is a great way to protect your hair from different weather conditions. Depending on your hair type and texture, it’s possible it won’t hold as long as you would expect it to. Get a small amount of the clay in your hands – about a pea-sized amount. An aqua based hair clay, but with the hold of a petrolatum base, this product uses (yep, you guessed it) bentonite but also two different forms of beeswax and a lanolin WAX instead of the normally structured lanolin. In my spare time, I like to play music and board games. To help you get started, we want to review the top 5 hair clays for men briefly go over their pros and cons: Infused with beeswax and paraben-free, Krieger + SÖhne Styling Clay helps you achieve the perfect finish. This clay will keep you looking sharp all day long. For those with oily skin, the wax will make it worse. Back then, we didn’t think that the beard care products on the market were really cutting it. In addition, the product leaves a clean matte finish while thickening hair. Required fields are marked *. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay will keep your hair looking natural and smooth while also helping you achieve the style you want. If they are full of damaging chemicals that can really wreck your hair. This type of hair clay is very beneficial for helping soothe sensitive skin that is prone to dandruff and psoriasis. If you don't like it, you can always cash in on that 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many people turn to sea salt spray for a naturally messy and effortless look. Water-based pomades are easier to wash out and don’t have the negative effects, but still give the same, slick and shiny look. Both bentonite and kaolin clay are the main ingredients of Smooth Viking Clay for hair. Lamel Fine Grooming Clay will help you gain perfect style without a heavy or sticky feeling. 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Level-up your legendary look with Smooth Viking's collection of epic beard and hair care products that feature top-tier ingredients that get the job done.
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