some sources recommend. An So I've been looking at all the white sapote posts, but it seems like there's no clear white sapote winner. Heat Tolerance and Sun Exposure It all depends on what you can find in area best of luck. White Sapote trees can get quite large. White Sapote seedlings grow a lot more rapid and aren’t as suited to container culture. Fertilizing and Growth Rate (California), Quote from: LycheeLust on October 21, 2020, 04:12:39 AM, Quote from: giorgosgr. Since Phoenix area water is already high Watering method Hard to explain taste but size varies from small 2" diameter up too 3" diameter color yellow to yellow with some lime green when ripe. in salts, the safest thing to do is to not use any chemical fertilizers. Grafted on a yellow sapote (Casimiroa tetrameria) it is a managable size about the size of a peach tree. Distant affinity: Citrus, Bael Fruit (Aegle marmelos Correa), Wampi (Clausena lansium Skeels), Wood-apple (Feronia limoniaSwingle) Origin:The white sapote is native to central Mexico. Top dressing soil amendments such as compost are beneficial, but not necessary. Matasano, (C. Sapote Oerst. After planting, spread a thin layer of compost on top Scientific Name: Casimiroa edulis Common Names:White Sapote, Sapote, Zapote blanco, Casimiroa, Mexican apple. I prefer one that has ripened on the tree, has fallen, and is warmed by the sun. Hard freezes will defoliate the tree but will not kill the larger branches. A couple of years ago a friend brought a fruit from his parents place that was bright yellow, immaculate skin and a real globe. Having attractive white bark, a dense canopy, and delicious fruit, makes white sapote a very desirable tree. It belongs to the Rutaceae family (not Sapotaceae) and is actually more closely related to citrus. a lot of fruit, so white sapote trees can be somewhat messy, and should not overhang a driveway or walkway or pool. It reminds me of custard. Julia Morton There are a numerous white sapote varieties, and a number of varieties are available in the U.S. and Florida (Table 1). the baking reflected heat it would be exposed to if it was located closer. Related Species: Woolly-leaf Sapote, Yellow Sapote (C. tetrameria Millsp.). If they do start to cause too much damage they are easily controlled by the "squish with The skin is bitter and should not be eaten. One of my trees is over 40 years old (Pike/Vernon/Nettie) and is a true giant. In the Phoenix area, Suebelle white sapote fruit becomes ripe The word “sapote” comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word tzapotl, used to describe all soft, sweet fruit. Vernon is a very rich tasting fruit, nies can be excellent if leaf on tree till close to ripe, santa cruz, and more bland side suebelle which if true variety should have some fuzz on bottom side of leaf. When this happens I use EDDHA, a chelated iron, or Liquinox Iron and Zinc in the soil. roots to grow more deeply. Casimiroa edulus Llave. The flesh of white sapotes is custard like Lemon gold is supposed to be good one and cuccio is also good. I am at the warmer limit for them with Reinecke and the belles dominating and they are good but could have better appearance and flesh yield. The Internet's Finest Tropical Fruit Discussion Forum! Since it is hard to tell if a fruit is ripe by its color, it is more effective to determine ripeness by how soft the fruit is. Basin and sprinkler irrigation Planting It A small basin around the white sapote is kept free of grass, and is ), C. pringlei. It is generally the size, color, and shape of a large green apple. I would not plant one near the house/septic tank/walkway.
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