Rounded, they have 3-5 broad, ruffled-edged lobes and display felted, whitish undersides. In Rubus, ITS sequences are most informative among subgenera, and variability is low between closely related species. Statistics. Description: High arching semi-deciduous shrub up to 2 (rarely to 4) m high forming dense thickets. The Plant List includes 2,208 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Rubus.Of these 331 are accepted species names. Rubus (Rosaceae) comprises more than 500 species with additional commercially cultivated raspberries and blackberries. Rubus anglocandicans A.Newton APNI* . The new cultivar was discovered in October of 2006 in Trento, Italy as part of a planned breeding program. Botanical classification: Rubus idaeus. The most recent (> 100 years old) global taxonomic treatment of the genus defined 12 subgenera; two subgenera were subsequently described and some species were rearranged. The present invention comprises a new and distinct cultivar of Rubus idaeus known by the varietal name ‘BP1’. The Plant List includes a further 546 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Rubus.We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. Intra- and interspecific ploidy levels and hybridization make phylogenetic estimation of Rubus challenging. Rubus calycinoides (Creeping Raspberry) is an evergreen groundcover forming a dense carpet adorned with long spreading branches clothed in lustrous, emerald green, thickly textured leaves. Of the subgenera with more than one species sampled, only subgenus Orobatus appears monophyletic. Parsimony analysis indicates that Rubus plus Dalibarda form a strongly supported clade, and D. repens may nest within Rubus. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Primocane stems strongly angled with faces usually furrowed, with or without sparse covering of non glandular hairs, prickles to … Varietal denomination: ‘BP1’. Rubus guttiferus, known mainly from the Czech Republic, has been found on 25 localities in Lower Silesia (SW Poland). They may turn raspberry-red with the onset of cool fall nights.
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