Treat like I stated in the blog on root rot and see what happens. Water the soil as needed. Light requirements Check out my post on how to water and that should help. You mentioned about using Hydrogen Peroxide and in my case would you also use full strength of the Hydrogen Peroxide? You may need a smaller pot due to the reduction in root mass. Even though it looks fine my white Phaleonopsis with the yellowed leaf got crown rot after I let it stand for a few minutes in a bowl of room temperature water. Hi Hannah, what happens when the aerial roots look like they are rotting? Root rot is one of the most common diseases with orchids. The affected area is small and I’m hoping I’ve caught it in time. Thank you very much for your answer! I use Physan 20 to treat rot but if you don’t have this then do the following: I have watered my Phaleonopsis by standing them in room temperature water for a minute or so, longer now that it is sunny I let them stay in the water till the pot feels heavy. I just sent you another email. I have come to this site to find out what’s causing the gray moldy thing on my phaelanopsis and it was too late, the beautiful leaves snapped off . Thanks for the heads up! If they are turning dark then it needs more sun. It helps by aerating the roots… So when you use it it’s going to fizz. If all the roots of the orchid rot, you will save it only by proper care in the sun. My question is; can I wrap some damp moss around the sides of the remaining stems in hopes that they will sprout side roots? Because the orchid roots may rot! Orchids are not like normal houseplants in that they HATE having their roots sitting in water. Usually root loss is the result of a mix that is kept wet too long or not airy enough. How awful. or diluted strength. Reanimation of orchid without a greenhouse. Have I already failed in my orchid ownership? If so you want to discard the outer part as shown here…,, Also yellow leaves can be normal or they can be a sign of rot as shown here…,, You want to wait till it’s very dry to water it. Now, a third stem is starting back nearer the plant. The orchid disappears at home due to insufficient lighting, oversupply or lack of fertilizer, damage by pests and diseases. I received an orchid for Mother’s Day. This time he told me to use a soft mist water bottle with distilled water making sure to get the leaves because that’s what drinks the water. It is late fall (though here in FL we still have 80ish degrees. (So Third mistake) I just started chopping away like a derange plant serial killer. Make sure there is air movement around your orchids. Maybe I can send you some photos of my orchid , so that you can see what I am worried about? ), and found no rot much to my relief, I did however find a couple of small pieces of very holey sponge/foam. Jose. How do I apply the peroxide? Hello Hannah, Is that strong enough?. Thanks for the awsome tip of LOOKING at the roots to determine health and what to look for! Glad I could help. For a quarter of a litre that solution costs 141 crowns (about 21 US dollars, over 14 GB pounds or Euros). If they are normal, wonderful, but if there is an underlying issue, I of course want to be proactive! Wow! I saw your advice for pouring hydrogen peroxide into the potting media but I’m wondering if this is enough to save the orchids or if reporting is best. My orchids are watered by leaving them a few minutes in room.temperature water and never by pouring water on the top. I just hate seeing another one die. To one liter of water add a teaspoon of honey or sugar syrup. Unfortunately the main plant is probably dead because orchids can’t live without leaves but this is a new twist to me with a keiki without the main plant having any leaves. I really hope it lives it is my oldest orchid (3 years) flowerd twice and quite a fighter so i’ll cross my fingers and tell you about how it is doing, Yes – it probably got too much water. Does your bathroom window have natural shady sunlight? The one with one leaf may have a chance – I had one come back that only had one leaf. It can come from allowing the roots to stand in water, usually if the saucer isn’t drained after watering. You can always send me a picture at if you need to. Didn’t seem to be able to kill it, so he gifted me with another about three months later. I had never worried about blowing water out of the leaf joints, because they would have that in nature. Too dense sub stratum is another common reason why roots rot in an orchid. I recently received a Phaleanopsis as an early birthday gift from my mom. How much and how often? It really is that easy. In my personal experience I have never seen it (outside of a dendrobium orchid) but if you discover any helpful research send it to and I can take a look. Are you letting them completely dry out before watering them? Thank you so so much . Cutting this rot off will help it not spread to the rest of the plant. New roots begin to grow over 1-4 weeks. After reading your instructions on care, I realized that my orchid is in a non-draining pot. If my phal has only two roots rotting, how much dosage of hydrogen peroxide should I give my new orchid? I started getting into houseplants now. I water my orchids a few times a month. I only water her when the roots look silver and the ones I can touch are bone dry. I can send you pictures of the leaves and blooms currently if that helps. You don’t need a lot of it – just a bit sprinkled on. That being said I have had an orchid come back with only leaf and orchids come back with very few roots – so don’t give up yet. Can you see them under the soil? Then sprinkle cinnamon (yes, the regular spice from your cabinet – it’s a natural fungicide) to treat the fungus. I have never heard of that. Thanks! It is the first time an orchid has ever reflowered for me and now I have destroyed it. The burn mark is from when i first brought it home and was trying to find the best light for it. Repeat with the peroxide every few days for a week and see how it looks. About two weeks ago I put orchid food spikes by miracle grow in my pot. From what I read from your directions in treating your orchids from root rot, hydrogen peroxide cures root rotting between 2-3 days. – humidity 70-100% Orchid roots suffer from root rot if they don’t have drainage. on the bright side i have a mini phal that is doing well, one stubborn flower still on the spike and a new leaf growing that is about an inch now! If so how long should I water it as the water runs straight through and I am afraid the bark mixture will be too dry. If you do please copy you questions and answers to that email. I have pulled it out of the decorative pot and put it in the sink to dry out a bit before repotting. Clinging to each was a piece of foam rubber. I think it starts to rot. I water it once a week by holding it above the sink and I pour water to run through the pot just one time. Txs in advancing for helping. This will reduce the risk of further illness. I have a mini Phal that is starting to bud flowers for me for the first time, but to my horror I noticed that all the roots are rotted but there is no crown rot and it looks perfectly fine other than the roots! Rachel. Healthy roots are strong, with a smooth surface.
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