(Here’s a good look at some of the different patterns.). Considering pretty much every single knife on the market that says it’s Damascus is pattern-welded steel, it’s not a big deal. Also he did explain how to tell if it’s “real” damascus and that is to polish the blade down until the pattern is no longer visible, then you would have to re-etch the blade in acid to get your “damascus” pattern back. However, in some rare cases, people will try to pass off regular stainless steel with no layering as Damascus by printing a design on the blade. If the Damascus pattern comes back, it’s real. But just as all arists vary in talent, if you find a talented knife maker in Pakistan, you can get some very nice work relatively cheap. I can see the pattern on the spine and file work of the BucknBear I have. First of all it’s steel not metal you should learn the difference. Many of these have different names and looks — sharktooth, basketweave, typhoon, dot matrix, and more more. If you clean your Damascus blade you may notice some black residue coming off the blade. You will also sometimes see knives that say VG-10 Damascus. The same knife blade can be made overseas for a fraction of what it costs to make it in the US because of labor costs. The comments are filled with people claiming that the knife I reviewed is a fake because you can’t see the pattern all over the blade. The first real Damascus steel was introduced around the third century and was known by Wootz (and other names). My gut tells me this Brett Martin is a fake, and I definitely have no way to do the described testing. This will usually be very easy to buff off with rubbing compound or fine steel wool. Due to their increased functionality and versatility, Damascus steel knives are a prime target for fake replication. This is what makes it difficult to differentiate between a fake and the genuine Damascus steel. Some people still insist that any Damascus steel made through the pattern-welded method and etching is not real Damascus. True Damascus steel should be like those cakes that have colorful layers. The eBay stuff, you never know what you are going to get. A few years ago, I wrote a review of a BucknBear Damascus Hunting Knife. Thanks. Ones in Uzbekistan I saw Damascus blade and I was surprised by it’s superb qualities. That is called a hada with hi and low carbon. I have a hooey knife and just curious if anyone was familiar with that brand and weather they are actually Damascus blades. It was known to be very tough and hard for its age and was able to hold and take a very fine edge. No pattern shows on the edges or the back of tang, i.e., the area between two sides of the handle. Only after that blade I understood that Damascus secret is LOST. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No matter where you cut the cake, the surfaces show the pattern. But in Pakistan. Your email address will not be published. This process involves forging two or more types of steel that complement one another and folding the steels together. This could be a case of low contrast pattern, it could be genuine blade steel. And just as with anything at cheaper prices, mileage may vary. During the process, the metals absorb carbon from the charcoal and the resulting alloy is cooled at a very slow rate. Note that there are cases where unscrupulous traders will fake patterns by welding the blades using acid or nail polish. SURVIVAL KIT LIST: The List  Of Life Saving Items, Am I Allowed to Carry a Samurai Sword All Over the World (policy / legaly), Buck 110 Hunter Knife: Review and Buyer’s Guide, Kayaking as a Modern Sport in the US: Join the Team, Accessories No Kayaker Should Leave Home Without, 4 Kayaking Myths Stopping You From Getting In The Water. The original way that actually produced the insanely strong blades were lost, and it ONLY works with ore from one specific mine in Pakistan, due to having the correct components in it. You can etch them yourself with ferric chloride or muriatic acid to see if the pattern reemerges. If you can’t wrap your head around what I’m talking about, watch this video from Walter Sorrells about the two types of “real” Damascus steel. In fact, Damascus steel is hard and has features that will not be present in any fake Damascus steel blade. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. What makes people even more confused about the legitimacy of Damascus steel is the vast price differences. The Damascus pattern only exists on the main sides of the knife. You can also make use of ferric chloride. Most fake Damascus patterns that look “real” are laser etched. Also, Wootz secret was lost, Damascus secret WAS NEVER LOST! REAL Damascus Steel. However, these days, real Damascus is essentially pattern-welded steel now. For example, BucknBear has become known for making some great Damascus steel knives at relatively cheap prices. Best Combat Gloves [Reviews and Guide] 2019. Oh, you got a Damascus steel folder for only $40? Damascus knives are becoming more popular and more prevalent from the most popular knife brands like Spyderco (with the Endura and others) to lesser known brands like BucknBear. Here is an image of the Moran Fighter from The William F. Moran Jr Museum. What you need to remember is that Damascus steel was invented at the time when Damascus steel was rare. How to Tell If You Have a Real Damascus Steel Blade, The Association For Renaissance Martial Arts. The answer by Terran Marks is quite correct regarding the method for completely faking a pattern welded blade using nail polish and acid. It must be very sharp and able to retain an edge. Just like any other knife, Damascus varies in quality. If not, you have a fake on your hands. It is clear to me that they are imitation Damascus using a cheap etching. Real Damascus is intrinsic to the steel itself but fake Damascus is only a facade. There are many theories why it is called Damascus, but we won’t go into it here. There are many bladesmiths out there who are capable of folding steel and producing patterns that are similar to those produced by the real Damascus steel. If you have a Damascus blade that was made with pattern-welded steel and some acid etching, then you do indeed have a real Damascus blade. But the truth is, you can see the pattern in the steel, just very lightly. Ivan anyone please tell me if they’ve heard of this maker, or that it’s only presented with his name and is truly a fake. If you are honest you will also chose the strength over the look, any day, and especially if your life depended on it. Damascus handmade by custom knife makers with a care and attention to detail will cost much more than knives made in Pakistan. Required fields are marked *. Our partner: OutdoorsGearHQ - best reviews for all things Outdoors! If you notice that the colors are closer, and the lines look a little bit blurry, then you may be dealing with a fake steel blade. People in modern times have mimicked the process and likely have come close to recreating the original Damascus. However, even though a Gentleman in Warsaw might have given it to you I'd bet $100 that that knife was NOT made in Poland. The blades are normally tough, resistant and are capable of being honed so that they form a sharp and resilient edge. "Real" Damascus is a steel that was produced hundreds of year ago in the Middle East with special wootz steel from India. That is likely residue from the acid etching. If the knife is polished it is easier to notice. The steel is uniformly colored and the difference between the bands is subtle. I’ve seen very few websites selling his product, but no commentary on the quality or anything of the the maker. This technique is extremely work intensive and requires a high degree of skill to keep the necessary temperatures constant throughout the process.
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