ABSTRACT. Brood:  Collection of young animal who exist in the same space. Financial Constraint: There is also the shortage of funds to carry out this research findings at the researcher’s disposal. The Best ORGANIC Egg CHICKEN BREED Ever, Duck egg hatching by the hurricane Lamp Method, Management of Egg Incubator For Hatching Eggs. It has been started anytime throughout the year. Someone can easily start this business with a small investment.It is best for small scale poultry farmers. Control poultry house defined as where all external temperature, humidity, and lighting fully control manually but in modern practice, automation, the system has been incorporated in every poultry producing manufacturer and hatcheries. Commercial layer breeds are specifically unique from one another, the most breeds are reared in the field areHy- line brown & whiteISA brown & whiteShaver brownBovensNovogen, In a similar way, commercial, broiler breed are. If we think the protein source which is much need for the human body, poultry farming is the continent and cost- effect source of protein since the ancient period. The scarcity of text books as well as on-line materials . There are several types of layers and broiler breeds for the production of meats & eggs. How to break Corona virus infection cycle naturally? But some basics criteria should be needed before starting which make it more comfortable for the starters. The secondary source includes the use of journals, newspapers, internet, annual reports of agricultural agencies and some other relevant text books. Research question are declarative statement meant to obtain answer which will state what the researcher is looking for the purpose of this research, the major questions are: v Can poultry farming business feasible in the Nigeria economy? This research work focuses on poultry farming as an economic tool tool for man`s empowerment. Other constraints include among others: Transportation is one of the problem encountered during the period going up and  down to the industry to get the needed information. is an important issue for the poultry farming project. The chapters are divided into five chapters. Chi-Square is defined by the formulae X2= (o-e)2, e= At 5% level of significance = 0.05 = Degree of freedom is given by the formula =(r-1) (c-1). For 100 broiler birds, it takes around 80-80k BDT and for laying birds 2-2.5 lac BDT. Detailed Project Reports on Poultry Farming cover all the aspects of Poultry Farming business, from analyzing the Poultry market, confirming availability of various necessities such as Raw Meterial, Govt Subsidy. Majorly to be investigated is egg production as a means of livelihood. The source to be used for this study is based on data collected through the two available sources, which are primary and secondary data. It depends on regions to regions throughout the world. House chicken: there are the fowls kept in a poultry being provided with all the foods they need by the chicken raiser. The road is made by concrete or bitumen highly recommend for the smooth transfer of poultry eggs, culled laying birds, feeds, and storing materials also. the most common medication which is applied in the poultry farm project is anthelmintics, antimycoplasmal drugs, coccidiostat, and anticoccidial drugs, vitamins, and minerals. Poultry Farming Project Process, Profit and Guide 2018 Nowadays, the poultry farming business plan is commonly opted by most of the people all over the globe because of too much profit in this business in a very short time period. If we think the protein source which is much need for the human body, poultry farming is the continent and cost- effect source of protein since the ancient period. This report can be customised for any number of birds, any country or territory and market. Poultry is always vulnerable to any bacterial, viral, protozoan, mycoplasmal, and fungal diseases. In the analysis of questionnaire, which were administered in order to get information from the customers and the employees of the enterprise, simple percentage will be used to present the various data and Chi-Square will also be used test the relevant hypothesis. Construct a poultry shed on elevated area in the directions of East-West where you can get good ventilation along with airflow. There is no fixed time- tables to start this project. Another problem is the associated problem in the process of data collection in relation to scheduling of time. But, proper vaccination technique and timing also much needed otherwise, investment is falling in the ground by a disease outbreak. Control house used for the production day old chicks, grandparent & parent breeder which require highly hygienic and biosecurity systems that protect any type of poultry diseases. There are two types of housing are practicing worldwide. Poultry Farming Project. Please stay with us for our update article. Tips for Poultry Farming Project: Purchase healthy chickens for your farm. There is a huge number of people have been involved day by day in this project. The objective of the research study work is to examine poultry  as a veritable tool for economic empowerment. 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