Reactive analytics influence the future learning processes. If my analytics engine is predicting that several students will fail unless action is taken, I may still change the future and provide additional support to those students. Proactive vs Reactive Learning (or “Why Your Company Only Does Easy Things”) Imagine you lead an orchestra. The word comes down from on high “Tonight, our audience demands you play Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. Let me give you an example. With, reactive communication on the other hand, the teacher will primarily only … If most of your language is reactive, you’re likely going be more reactive. Even if trying days are few and far between, we want to be prepared. TNA is the abbreviation for training needs assessment or training needs analysis. Reactive Teaching is just the opposite. Learning how to move forward when a part fails or when the system is thrown off is all part of proactive, planned teaching along with some good old-fashioned experience. It is a reactive strategy where “emergency repair” is needed because parts are failing. One thing Covey suggests doing to take a more proactive and less reactive posture towards life is to watch your language for reactive or proactive phrases. E.g. Think proactive approach is better because it is always step(s) ahead of reactive approach whereby benefits can be yielded earlier, resulting in lower risk & lower cost etc. 3. If it’s proactive, you’ll be more proactive. While reactive classroom management involves taking things as they come, proactive classroom management is the fine art of anticipating certain issues and having solid contingency plans in place. Proactive analytics influence the ongoing learning processes. Businesses use TNA to determine what actions will produce the best employee performance levels. TNA can be proactive or reactive, and both types employ training to … With proactive communication, the responsibility of initiating contact with a student in an online learning environment falls on the shoulders of the teacher (or learning institution). Proactive classroom management. Let’s talk about the alternative. How you speak guides how you see the world. 1 PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE LEARNING ON BUILDINGS RESPONSE AND EARTHQUAKE RISKS, IN SCHOOLS OF ROMANIA Daniela DOBRE1, Emil-Sever GEORGESCU2, Claudiu-Sorin DRAGOMIR,3 Constantin IONESCU4, Dragos TATARU5 ABSTRACT During the last 20 years, many specific activities of earthquake education and preparedness were
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