This mic sounds pretty nice for the price, but it has some harsh higher frequencies. It also has a single layer headbasket, stock, so that's another cost to subtract from a mod… Mods include the circuit modification suite, head basket mod and an MJE-K47 capsule. That results in a lower cost mod. Our MXL 2001/V67G mod kit replaces ALL of the stock capacitors in the preamp section of the mic's circuit--continue reading for more details! This later version of the SCM-900 can be modified using one of our other mod … The MXL V67G is a large-capsule, solid-state condenser microphone with a rich, warm … Heck, the 2001 & V67G are two of MXL's earliest and most popular models, so you may already have a couple of extra ones lying around! After receiving numerous requests from past customers, we're now offering a DIY mod (modification/upgrade) kit for the following mics: MXL: 2001, V67, V67G… The MXL V67G is a large-capsule condenser microphone for a wide range of vocal and instrument recordings. I bought the mic new and … those in the V67G, so if you decide to get it modded, those won't need to be replaced. Mint condition, single owner, low use. Today I review a Large Capsule Condenser Microphone, the MXL V67G. MXL: 2001, V67, V67G. MXL V67G modified by Michael Joly/Oktavamod.
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