I’d always recommend that it’s better to build up a small collection of ‘good’ mics slowly rather than rushing out and buying a number of budget mics that you may quickly outgrow and have trouble moving on! It incorporates the same one-inch diameter, gold sputtered, three-micron capsule found in Mojave’s MA-200 and MA-201fet microphones. Share; Tweet ; Article Content. Dial it back toward figure-8. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes or breaks a product, especially when it’s manufactured 6,000 miles and 15 time zones away. ? Royer mentioned that he had been … PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console. Packaging is excellent, offering more than enough protection for the mic and accessories. The build quality seems immaculate and the mic ships with a high‑quality shockmount and a solid foam‑lined case. Over the past decade-plus, Mojave mics have become favored by many A-list engineers, and I also see them in many home and project studios. For instance, when used to record tambourine, the MA-300 sounded fine. It is well-made and tested, and comes with quality accessories and packaging. Mojave microphones are perhaps better known in the States than the UK. By Kevin Becka Published: 12/01/2006 . Re: One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! United Audio Technologies UT FET 47 | Audio Examples. The MA-300’s two capsules are 3 microns thick and based on the design of Mojave’s MA-200. It had just the right amount of detail and a good sense of ‘solidity’ to the overall sound. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? A few trade shows ago, I had a meeting with David Royer and John Jennings in the Royer booth and saw a work in progress — the large-capsule MA-200 cardioid condenser soon to be released under the Mojave banner. There’s a pleasant midrange that particularly flattered this singer; that can be harder to capture with “cleaner” mics. One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! I rolled off the bottom and ended up with a track that sat nicely with the drums and other percussion. For me, a tube mic is too gritty for high percussion that needs the clarity of an FET or ribbon through a good-quality preamp. Additionally, the MA-50 comes with a rigid carrying case that measures 9” x 4.5”. This has lead to a huge selection of lower‑cost offerings for people beginning their journey into recording or trying to flesh out their microphone collection. The Mojave MA-300 is a great mic at a price that may not fit every budget, especially since they work well as a pair. As I expected, the MA-300 had much more bottom than the 57, which rolls off naturally starting at about 150 Hz. Microphones | No. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. The design, and the sourcing of key components like tubes and transformers, are all done by David Royer himself, however, and he still personally signs off each microphone after the quality control process is carried out at their base in Burbank, California. The difference between a very good mic and a brilliant mic is its dynamic range. You can definitely hear the tube and how it beefs up the low-mids and bottom. The MA‑50 is Mojave’s take on the transformerless large‑diaphragm capacitor microphone theme. The cable from the mic to power supply is a well-made seven-pin XLR. In a less than stellar‑sounding room, I got a very usable picture of the whole kit when I tried it as a mono overhead. Although I didn’t have a pair of MA‑50s to try out, the role I was perhaps most impressed with the MA‑50 on was as a drum overhead. It always seemed to be within the realms of being easily tamable with minimal mix processing — which is a good sign! Mojave MA-1000 Condenser Microphone Review . The MA‑50 doesn’t sound like a ‘flat’ mic, and a quick look at the stated frequency response confirmed my perception that there was a little lift around the 5kHz range. DO YOU WANT MO-JAVE The MA‑50 is also the only transformerless mic in their range. Royer mentioned that he had been … The MA‑50 sits in that price band just above the more budget options but, to my ears, it sounds noticeably better than some of the cheaper mics I’ve looked at in recent years. By Russ Long. Published: 03/01/2012. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. There, they have carved out a reputation for producing ‘high‑end‑sounding’ mics at midrange prices. The MA-50 is large-diaphragm, transformer- less, fixed cardioid condenser microphone with a full 20 Hz-20 kHz frequency response. I wrote a review in Tape Op #44 about the Peluso 22 251 vacuum tube condenser. A great option for acoustic guitars or drum overheads. Mojave’s most affordable mic yields great results on a wide range of sources. Tom hits, kick and snare are well-represented, and the room is also brought into play as the pattern selector is rotated closer to omni. The mic feels compact and has a simple, all‑black styling that works well. Q. His first official microphone in the Mojave Audio brand was the MA-200. The Sterling sounded very good in the upper mids and highs, but didn’t have the beefy vocal, the mic offered plenty of body and even representation of the singer’s range. Can I get a level meter plugin that goes below -60db fo... Why does Liam Gallagher's vocals sound shit? All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. Re: The All-New Behringer Keyboards 'n' Stuff Thread. For review here we have Mojave’s most affordable offering: the MA‑50. Before coming to market, each mic, power supply and cable is burned in for 24 hours, tested, and then packed and shipped in a sturdy outer briefcase that contains the mic (housed in yet another latching hard shell case), power supply, cable and shockmount. The mic seemed to handle the job with ease, and I got a very usable low‑frequency thump to mould into my drum sound. Throughout my career, I’ve never come across a mic like the MA 1000. Placed as overheads over a kit, the MA-300s rendered transients beautifully, with an even and pleasant balance of lows, mids and highs. There’s no compression or recoil from the mic whether I’m doing subtle, quiet parts or hard-hitting bombastic sections - I can feel and hear exactly what I’m doing vocally at all times. I’ve prepared a number of audio files to accompany this review, so you can hear the mic in action for yourself on a range of sources, including male vocals, acoustic guitar, kick drum and drum overhead. The shock-mount is sturdy and offers a good range of adjustability. Field Test: Mojave MA-200 Tube Condenser Microphone. This mic wouldn’t be my first choice for certain hand percussion. Russ Long ⋅ Published: June 4, 2018 The Mojave family of microphones has become a studio staple around the world. Too much room spill? I got good results on a voiceover recording, and my impression was of a clean, crisp‑sounding microphone with a restrained proximity effect. Everything about the physical product is top-notch. LARGE-CAPSULE FIXED CARDIOID FROM DAVID ROYER. Review: Mojave MA-50 LDC Microphone. It’s a great go-to mic for vocals, drums, guitar amp, acoustic guitar and more. Mojave has been somewhat of a staple in studios all around the world for quite some time. Just last week I met a local audio engineer who asked my opinion of Mojave’s large-diaphragm tube mic, the MA-200 (reviewed January 2007). LARGE-CAPSULE FIXED CARDIOID FROM DAVID ROYER. The mics fared equally well over a Yamaha C3 piano. An acoustic guitar recording was its first audition in my studio and when I pulled up the faders it seemed well suited to what was quite a dynamic strummed guitar part. They make incredible microphones that are also fairly affordable. Rather than a stepped pattern selector, the MA-300 offers a continuously variable, remotely controlled pattern control between omni and figure-8. Fantastic creation, going to be a hard one to top. For this reason the Mojave line has picked up some serious street cred. REVIEW: Mojave Audio MA-200 Tube Condenser Microphone. The sixth model in a growing line of microphones, Mojave Audio’s MA-300 comes from the mind of David Royer, a stickler for details. But on triangle and VibraTone, the upper range was better represented by the AEA KU4 or Sterling ST6050 Allen Sides Edition through an SSL G Series console preamp. Specs. MA-I USE YOU? Sonically, the MA-300 delivers, bringing its wonderful tube-y personality and great transient response to any recording.
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