“The commercials,” he told Entertainment Weekly, “are total lobotomized happiness.”. Funny T-Shirts | Horror T-Shirts | Video Game T-Shirts. Web every day. The novelty began to wear off around 1999, when Mentos's sales had leveled despite major growth in what Ad Age dubbed the “strong mint category” of treats. We will keep updating this page as sales come in, but for now, here are the best Amazon Black Friday sales to check out. Read Candy Crush: The Bizarre History Of Those '90s Mentos Commercials at mental_floss, Like this? 7XL T-Shirts I want to know why mentos and coke don't get along. Much of the speculation revolved around whether the commercials were shot in the U.S. or elsewhere. Many Americans didn't become aware of Mentos until they saw those cheesy commercials in the 90s, but the Van Melle company had been exporting Mentos to America since 1972. Submit your own Neatorama post and vote for others' posts to earn NeatoPoints that you can redeem for T-shirts, hoodies and more over at the NeatoShop! The Flowbee entered popular culture, getting mentions in films like 1992’s Wayne’s World, where Garth (Dana Carvey) is menaced by a Suck Kut, and on shows like Party of Five. Science T-Shirts | Sci-Fi T-Shirts | Fantasy T-Shirts “I hate those commercials. In the fall of 1996, Liam Killeen walked into a convenience store in Erlanger, Kentucky, near the U.S. offices of Van Melle (now known as Perfetti Van Melle), the candymaker behind Mentos. George Clooney, however, swears by it; in December 2020, he admitted that he's been using one to cut his own hair for decades. People could mock and inspect the ads all they wanted. A great quality version of the now-classic Mentos commercial in a mall. Viewers who spotted the ads when they premiered in July 1992 were driven to distraction by one intangible: The ads seemed disconnected from actual human behavior, and the song itself was critiqued for appearing to be an English translation that didn’t get the lyrics quite right. By one estimate, he went through four prototypes—the last one involving 50 modifications—before he perfected the vacuum attachment. Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter. We hope you like this article! So Hunts spent $30,000 to produce and buy airtime for a 30-minute spot that began airing in 1988. By 1996, Mentos had reached $135 million in sales and was being mentioned or parodied in a number of high-profile spots. He later recalled that all of them said the idea was nuts. Hunts’s device, which he initially dubbed the Vacucut, took six to seven years to develop. Jesse Peretz, who directed the Foo Fighters's parody video, may have summed up Mentos mania best. In 1991, Van Melle sold $20 million worth of the hard candies. most wonderful stuff from all over the Please help us grow by sharing: Free weekly emails, plus get access He approached major personal grooming companies like Conair, Norelco, and Remington to see if they’d be interested in the Flowbee. Please share: Man Covers Himself with Mentos, Jumps into Bath of Coke, Man Wearing a Suit Made of Mentos Drops into a Tank of Coke, The iPhone Can Recognize Any Song With Just A Tap, The Dark Art of Playing World-class Scrabble, There Are 82 New Christmas Movies This Year. The program-length paid advertisements were really just barker shows broadcast to a mass audience. First, Mentos would reduce the number of available flavors from 50 to just two: mint and mixed fruit. Another has Hunts using a vacuum to get sawdust from his workshop out of his hair and having an epiphany. “Mentos?” she spat. In the fall of 1996, Liam Killeen walked into a convenience store in Erlanger, Kentucky, near the U.S. offices of Van Melle (now known as Perfetti Van Melle), the candymaker behind Mentos. In one version, Hunts is beguiled by a television show he saw in 1979 that demonstrated a person getting their hair cut while hanging upside-down, freeing their locks for clipping. It was also difficult for the Flowbee to trim the sides or around the ears. Beginning in 1992, the Netherlands-based confectioners had stormed the States with a series of inexplicably odd television spots that featured an earwig of a song (“Fresh Goes Better”), hammy acting, and a general sense that the ads were trying to approximate American culture rather than actually be a part of it—not unlike a robot mimicking the emotions of its human counterparts. Neatorama is the neat side of the Web. We hope you like what you see! While paying for his purchase, Killeen—Mentos's vice president of marketing—noticed that the cashier was eyeing him with a mixture of suspicion and disgust. The Flowbee, Hunts knew, needed to be demonstrated. By 1996, Mentos had reached $135 million in sales and was being mentioned or parodied in a number of high-profile spots. Ad agency Pahnke & Partners out of Hamburg, Germany was enlisted to conceptualize the spots, which had several recurring themes: A young, attractive couple would find themselves in some sort of bind that would usually be remedied by popping a Mentos and subsequently having a spark of inspiration. (“It doesn’t matter what comes, fresh goes better in life.”). Like many great ideas, there is some confusion surrounding how California-based carpenter Rick Hunts was struck by inspiration for the Flowbee. By 1996, it had tripled to $120 million. Since then people have wondered- where did this candy company come from? While they no longer air infomercials, Flowbee International is still in business—and has seen increased interest in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as people avoid salons and look for alternatives to becoming Howard Hughes. Stylists believed it lacked the artistry of a professional, while others complained it wasn’t effective on hair longer than six inches or on curly locks. "If we added our input, it would stop the free flow of information.". Hunts, who raised more than $100,000 from investors and even sold his cabinet shop to obtain additional funds to mass market his creation, clearly felt the Flowbee would be a slam-dunk. The Foo Fighters released a video, “Big Me,” which mocked the cheesiness of the ads; the candy was name-dropped in 1995’s Clueless; the brand got sustained exposure during an entire season of Baywatch.
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