Give your gray some extra oomph by adding this in-shower treatment to your routine. Using a glaze on gray hair can revive it and add semi-permanent color, depth and shine. A shine-boosting spray only takes almost zero effort to use and can also cut down frizz and flyaways. Glosses are semi-permanent, which means it … It's like adding a top coat of polish for your hair. When selecting a color glaze, you should choose one that is the same color … Shop Now: Kristin Ess Signature Gloss … While every hair color looks best when it's shiny, gray shades thrive when they're glossy. Gray hair can sometimes look dull and lifeless. Another way to blend your gray so you have no line of demarcation at the top of your head is to get a hair gloss treatment! This at-home gloss is designed for use on both colored and virgin hair but is not recommended for gray hair and does contain hydrogen peroxide, so over-use may result in some … Gray Hair Glossing. Its advanced technology works to strengthen damaged hair, while also protecting the color from looking dull. 7 of 10
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