FH are Greedy fish ...they will feed as much as you provide them. Author Note:The combination of the blood parrot cichlid and red devel cichlid is what led to the creation of the flowerhorn. My Flowerhorn is not eating, color is degraded and kok is shrunk.. By entering this site you declare My flowerhorn has laid eggs, what do I do now? 2. Usually, people think caring fish is just feeding them 2 to 3 times a day, but that is not enough. It wasn’t like this 3 days ago. Also what size is your tank? He’s also not as active as before and he darts off quickly and hides everytime i go near the tank. Change 30% of water every week. Why is the forehead (nuchal hump or kok) of my fish small ? His color has been faded as well?? My Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn is sick! The fish will return to its old self in a couple of days. Looks like your fish is suffering from the dieces hexamita or going further hith, treat him as early as possible with 'clear' medicine before it gives up. ... Hi my flowerhorn kok is shrink and he is not eating any thing and his colou... Yellow Rock Kribensis not eating, not active losing color. 4 months ago. Hi, Have you checked the water parameters at all? As i haven't seen him doing white poop lately can i discontinue the medication?? Hole in the Head? you read and agreed to the. I will also say big KOK has alot to do with care. If it is shrinking, the fish may be … Sick betta fish: hole in the head, missing scales, fin tear/rot/biting? If you feed them and piss them off a lot they will grow huge heads. The Flowerhorn Kok Gene The kok gene is the only factor that determines whether a louhan's head will develop into a large one. Centerpiece Fish: It's NOT Always about Color! Is my current water temperature is too high or not?? the ICH has gone now, i will feed twice a day from now, make it fast and keep up updating.. I have been following this treatment but nothing seems to workout with my flowerhorn. Is this a right food for ... 3 white spots in goldfish head,tail and fin.Is this ich? Snaps on my kok shrink flowerhorn. Also the kok on his head seems to be reducing in size. There are a few reasons to this. Still the reasons for the head to go down is STRESS. I usually do 20 to 30% waterchange in every 10 days. To help you fix the problem we need as much information as possible. please help. It does look a little small for a Flowerhorn in the photo. Why my flowerhorn is not eating?? I brought two flowerhorns before a month, that time they didnt have a showy head, but in 20 days they got a ball head , but i am observing that from 5-6 days their head is getting smaller , why this is happening and what should i do now? also he ... Flowerhorn Not Eating and is losing colour. If not how often were you doing partial water changes and how much water were you changing? My flowerhorn four month old but not developed head Feeding in humpy head Daily three time feede. I brought two flowerhorns before a month, that time they didnt have a showy head, but in 20 days they got a ball head , but i am observing that from 5-6 days their head is getting smaller , why this is happening and what should i do now? If your Flowerhorn has this, treat it 2590 mg./10 gallons metronidazole for at least 5 days. I must say your tank looks much, much smaller than this in the photos, it looks around 30 gallon max. It is noteworthy to say that the Kok on its head is made up of fat deposit or accumulation of fat which can shrink or increase depending on its genetic constituents, the diet it … My flowerhorn is around 4 months old and his tank is 3 ft height and 2 and half feet breadth. Hi, Do you know what the water parameters are? reply #4. As it gets older, the flowerhorn will require a much larger space of at least 125 (568.26 litre, 150.12 US gallon) gallon tank. As per you last post it had ICH, thats the reason for its head to go down. The most important thing is good water and them being the dominate fish. Ive noted half of my flowerhorn body is turning dark. The flowerhorn cichlid is a fish that does not exist naturally in the wild. My flower horn fish has d same problem,any tips to avoid head shrink. Ideally this is the first thing you should do when a fish shows signs of illness. My flowerhorn's head is getting smaller from ball head. You will get lots of videos how to treat hexamita with 'clear' medicine. Yes my aquarium is flitered as well as i maintain my water temperature at around 27 to 28 degree celcius. The ICH may have gone but the stress will remain for a couple of days. If the tank filtered? By entering this site you declare Hi all flowerhorn today his head seems to have shrunk down almost. Kindly suggest me. what else care should i take? & why are you feeding it 4 times a day ? I have even seen some females grow large KOK. I need length x width x height to work out the volume. Why does the protruding forehead of my fish shrink after each water change ? When small, the flowerhorn can be kept in a 55 gallon (250.04 litre, 66.05 US gallon) aquarium with plenty of caves and territories.
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