Careful not to pull the Peiste that occasionally spawn in or around the Chapuli spawn area. 2 Where To Camp 2.1 Level 10-20 2.2 Level 20-30 2.3 Level 30-40 2.4 Level 40-50 2.5 Level 50-60 2.6 Level 60-70 2.7 Level 70-75 3 What Else Matters? Use Sneak+Invis and enter the big room. The amount of exp/kill your party receives is based on the highest-level member of your party. Fortune favors the bold, but it also favors those who have a damn clue. This page has been accessed 868,551 times. Four camps at the mouths of the tunnels connecting to the Leech/Chapuli room. Worms do not link. Zdei start becoming DC-T instead of EM+ at level 83. 23rd August 2010: I am sorry to say, but I will no longer be updating Campsitarus.More information can be found here if you want, but long story short, thank you everybody for your support! The room of crabs is just enough to provide infinite chaining. Two parties can share the opposite sides of this big room. Hug the wall left to (K-13), a reive spawns in the way. This guide assumes that the player has obtained Trusts already. Efts are the easiest mobs to camp due to very little problematic moves so this camp is recommended. Head down the staircase to the Cermet Door. This list should only be considered as a guide. Apex Monsters in Woh Gates are all level 131-133. Drachenlizards do not aggro, but do link. Apex Monsters in Moh Gates are all level 125-127. Hug the wall left to (K-13), a reive spawns in the way. Apex monsters are generally fought in a party with either magic bursts as the primary form of damage or a four step skillchain with a strong closer like Leaden Salute. Mages and support jobs can be at or slightly below the low end of a camp's level range. Individual Training Page 4. No Apex monsters link to each other, but most aggro. See the Apex page for required accuracy caps. Easily avoidable. Following some general guidelines will help you have more consistent, productive experience parties: Check out this page on grouping for more information on building parties. These birds are non-aggressive but link from fair distances. No aggro in the tunnel near the Altepa zone. Start at the top of the path with Ovinnik then as you get stronger venture down and add Greater Cockatrice and then Ladon. Fortune favors the bold, but it also favors those who have a damn clue. The ideal level spread between party members is a three-level maximum (i.e. Use this guide to find information such as where you should camp, what kind of monsters you'll face and what kind of tank you should have. From here head west all the way until you reach the camp. Start with the Worms and the goblins just as you land on the ledge from the geyser. Experience and merit parties are crucial in FFXI. Other aggro: Two ghosts spawn at night which are stronger than the mobs you are fighting.Other aggro: After appearing take the left teleport. Birds do not link and are not aggressive. See: the Job Points page for a list of the many Capacity Point bonuses you may have. Note Working on trying to get the correct party level ranges for WoTG camps - the camp level range may list the mob's actual level range for duo/trio action. A quick way to release all of your trusts is to use the command "/refa all". Listed below are the various experience and merit camps of Vana'diel. 12th May 2011: A Version Update has altered mob levels in many locations throughout Vana'diel, which are not reflected here.Use at your own risk. Same Mandragoras as Ceizak, just another name. Monsters are listed above in order of level.Snippers are only a level above the goblins of the previous camp if you want to move early. Jagils are the main target as Frogs really suck to nuke. Pay close attention to the Leaches as there is a NM. Note: Trusts do not level up with the player much like pets and must be recalled in order to be leveled up. `. This is a collaborative guide, and thus information from various people and sources is included in. The purpose of this guide is to help people find and prepare for their experience parties. Hug the right wall until you get back to the elevator and head back down. Enemies do not aggro or link, but will use a 30 second sleep AoE attack. Most of the leveling for EXP is done solo with trusts or with a friend or two. Starts at level 37. All of the Velkks at this camp may be be aspired. Having fun, productive experience parties with maximum convenience and minimal downtime is goal shared by all adventurers of Vana'diel. Can use a 30 Second AoE sleep. Bight Uragnites will spam Gas Shell a lot, do not engage without suitable precautions against poison. In order to get to the camp: Drop down the first hole at (H-8). For that is the duty of this guide. Having fun, productive experience parties with maximum convenience and minimal downtime is goal shared by all adventurers of Vana'diel. A good group can quickly burn them down regardless. They respawn quickly so that a room of half a dozen or so mobs can result in endless chains. Frogs don't link though if you take them on for some reason. These camps are designed with AoE burning in mind. It is not complete, and different people may have different experiences and tips for various areas. The birds link so pull carefully for the first few levels. Guide is written in order, where the first entries on table are for parties starting at level x0 and the last entries on that table are for parties starting at level x9.
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