The Laplace equation is outlined to estimate sub-bandage … 43 patients with venous leg ulcers were randomised to long or short stretch bandages. Sub-bandage pressure measurements comparing a long-stretch with a short-stretch compression bandage. Reference: Acta Derm Venerol 78:201-4 1998: Summary: One of the few studies which found statistically significant differences between the two systems. A stretch bandage is used for for a long cut or an abrasion that is too large to be covered with Band-aids® or other pre-packaged bandages. Stretch bandages typically are woven or crocheted in cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. This type of bandage is not routinely used in the treatment of lymphedema. Long stretch compression bandages have long stretch properties, meaning their high compressive power can be easily adjusted. The short stretch bandage typically consists of 1-4 layers which provides a compression of around 35- They usually provide some absorbency as well. Long stretch bandages are typically used for the support and relief of sprains, contusions and dislocations. This means that they usually are soft, comfortable, and lint-free. However, they also have a very high resting pressure and must be removed at night or if the patient is in a resting position. Triangular bandage. long stretch bandages. This article discusses long- and short-stretch compression bandages and the theory underpinning their practical application.
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