The injected liquid also adds weight to bacon, but it impacts the texture and taste. non-personal data through cookies. Join us for the definitive approach to curing and smoking with our handbook author and tutor Steven Lamb, working with an exciting variety... We would like to send you details about other River Cottage activities, events, information and products that we think you would be interested in. This is the curing process in action. As already mentioned, it’s also at this point that you can also sprinkle some coarsely ground pepper (if using) onto your wet-brined pork belly and “top off” the pepper on your dry … You do not have to do anything to it during this period. You might find the salad boxes in the bottom of your fridge are perfect for this. Now put a fresh handful of the cure into the container and place the pork belly back on top. Cure suppliers Details of cures and suppliers can be found on this page. 2kg pork belly, skin on, flat rib bones intact (if the belly contains any), 20 or so juniper berries, lightly bruised. Repeat this process for up to 5 days. As before, rub the belly with more cure mix – again, aim to use about a fifth of what you started with. Remove, wash in cold water and dry. Dry Cured Bacon - Tutorial. There is no further culinary use for it. Slice and cook in your favourite recipes or make a wonderful bacon sandwich! Please fill in your details to sign up to our mailing list. The next day, there will be a pool of liquid in the container with the pork belly - a mixture of moisture drawn out from the meat and dissolved cure. By continuing to use Put into a plastic box and refrigerate for around 4–5 days, turning daily and rubbing the cure into the meat. Hi, Wanda. This is an adaption of the tutorial that I wrote on 'beginners' bacon curing for the forum. Plug in 10 or 20 pounds as weight then calculate the ingredients. Lastly, good-quality dry-cured bacon can cost up to £24 per kilo. This will store well in a closed container. Place a handful of this cure in the base of a food standard box or tray, big enough to hold the piece of belly. Immersion curing is very similar to pumping, except bacon is left to cure in liquid for 2-3 days, then hung to dry. The meat is then left to cure. Amazing, but different. The daily application of a basic cure consisting of sugar, salt and a few aromatics, to a small, inexpensive piece of pork belly creates perfect bacon in just 10 days. After 5 days of applying cure, take the belly out of the container and run it under cold water. This bacon is definitely more of a savory bacon- it is not like your breakfast bacon. Enjoy :) The easy way is to make up some basic dry cure. Please read our You use very little of it- and I use it to render down before frying pork chops, for example. In the meantime, store the cure in an airtight plastic box so it doesn't absorb moisture from the air and become damp. Lay the pork flat in the fridge and leave for five days, turning occasionally. Place all the cure ingredients in a clean, food standard container. Read about our approach to external linking. This method, while the most time consuming, produces the tastiest bacon which has a deeper, more robust flavor profile. Blitz all the ingredients, except the pork, in a blender or food processor to a powder and then rub into the pork belly. Add the piece of belly, skin side down, and lightly rub another handful of cure into it (you should use about a fifth of the total cure on this first day), making sure that the sides are also coated. Wrap in muslin and refrigerate again for 2–3 days. Sticky rice with prawn salad, basil mayonnaise and miso kale, Deep-fried cod with grilled orange and sesame sauce, Potato gnocchi with ham, peas and burrata, Black pepper and ginger baked feta with kale and spinach salad. It will keep in the freezer for months. It is so simple but so effective. for more information. Whether you’re using the wet or the dry curing method, the next step for smoking the bacon is the same. There is no need to be too fastidious and it is fine for there to be some residual traces of dissolved cure left in the box. At this point, you can pop your meat back in the container (cleaning it out first) in the fridge or pantry. Put into a plastic box and refrigerate for around 4–5 days, turning daily and rubbing the cure into the meat. The grain size is … An uneven covering of flare fat could affect the curing time so it is better to remove it and render it down to make lard. Smoking the Bacon. Leave it there (loosely wrapped in muslin if you like but this is not necessary) for another 5 days.
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