In the waiting room, a mother and daughter are sitting across the old man. Min and Mi Rae exchange a look. Even more so if you don’t know your tomorrow.”. He tells her not to get emotionally attached. Si Young grows extremely concerned as she doesn’t get a response through phone or message. Heo Joon asks if he is coming back and work with them. Soul Sword, thank you for the brilliant series of recaps of Dr. John. At the pain centre, a female patient clutches her abdomen and screams in pain as she lies in the bed. Yoo Joon asks Heo Joon what might be the reason the hiccups lasted for 48 hours. Mi Rae asks if Yo Han got back and Si Young says he didn’t. It says, “Dr Cha’s new challenge. Won Hee says Yo Han’s research is a big success and it won an exclusive contract with a big American company. This episode touched upon what a loved one guardian (Gi Seok’s mother) of a CIPA patient goes through. As they walk out, Mi Rae asks Si Young if she met Yo han. Yoo Joon tries to shake her awake but Si Young doesn’t respond. She recalls Yo Han’s words from 3 months back. Yoo Joon and Si Young learn from her that she sometimes sleeps up to 12 hours. She again calls Yo Han’s lab and this time a colleague named Dr Smith answers the phone. She has sketched the images she has seen so far regarding it. Mi Rae gets down at the vet and says she will see him at work. Mi Rae watches Yo han closely as he speaks. Her eyes well up as Yo Han walks up to his desk and switches off the monitors one by one. Yo Han sits next to her and asks if she is awake. Yo Han and Si Young’s relationship has always been an understanding one. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Yoo Joon can lighten any situation. A newsflash mentions that there is a confirmed Nipah Virus (fatal) case in Korea. He says to terminally ill patients, the end of their lives isn’t dying. Later in the meeting room, Yoo Joon and Si Young tap their fingers wondering what it could be. He asks her if she can keep it a secret. One of my favorite Korean actor. Mi Rae calls her and Si Young walks out wearing her doctor gown. He says his father was bedridden for more than a decade before passing away. Their relationship grows stronger with every episode and is based on supportiveness. The series starts at the end of Cha Yo Han’s prison term and him going back to his job. He asks what she is getting at. She explains that he was always competent and had hired him based on a recommendation. Yoo Joon turns away with a proud smile. Yoo Joon says Yo Han called in sick and he will come by afternoon. Won Hee says Yo Han coldly left them when they tried so hard to make him stay. Suddenly, Si Young senses something and turns around to see Yo Han standing there with a smile. His doctor (Dr Shim) comments that Yo Han’s scans look like the patients Yo Han has treated all along. She asks if there is any problem with Yo Han, as he isn’t answering his phone. He also says that they have to find the person whom the old man had lunch with. was a doctor of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital for eight years until he moved to be closer to his son, Sammy.He is currently working as Residency Director at St. Vincent's Hospital.. J.D. Si Young runs to the hospital to find Yo Han but she finds the parking lot empty. Si Young’s eyes widen in surprise. Heo Joon walks away as the patient comes in. She cries out saying she can’t forget about him. The OST’s are definite additions to one’s playlist. Yo han lays awake (looks like he is paralysed except for eye movements) on the hospital bed while Si Young lays awake on her couch. Just then, he receives a call from Si Young. Pain is always considered bad, but the latter part of the show focuses on how important it is to feel pain and how it helps to keep one alive. She shakes her head and walks to the elevator pressing the button. She takes the pen and places it into his hand. Si Young calls Yo Han but his phone is on silent as he walks through the corridor. He fits the role of the melancholic, secretive, composed but assertive Cha Yo Han very well. It has been described as a type of temporal lobe epilepsy.). Yoo Joon says he doesn’t remember his father much because of that and he just remembers a scent of a patient. Few episodes into the show and one comes across the rare disease called CIPA where a patient doesn’t feel pain or temperature and doesn’t have the ability to sweat. He feeds the sample into the machine and checks the results. She says she couldn’t find anyone like him. Heo Joon and Won Hee look at the article on Yo Han’s research. One couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Eun-Jeong says the book told death that, death was born to cherish and love life. She says it wouldn’t be odd if he collapses right now. Doctor Yo-han) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Ji Sung, Lee Se-young, Lee Kyu-hyung and Hwang Hee.It is based on the Japanese novel On Hand of God by Yo Kusakabe and aired on SBS from July 19 to September 7, 2019. Her head hits the cart holding the medicine as she falls. He says the test results seem normal. In a flashback, Yo Han sits outside the Pain Management Centre drinking coffee. It shows how much of the time he spends to make sure that he survives through the day. She mentions that it has been over a month since she hasn’t been able to reach him. 4 : Fado Revere Says: He receives a call and he says he will be right there. It is a process. Si Young loses it when they suggest they should ask him. I see Ji Sung I click. Yoo Joon smiles as he says, “Diagnoses is not a competition”. He adds that stomach pain is accompanied by nausea and the patient nods again. Yoo Joon and Si Young smile at each other. She says she sat next to Deok Kyu in the bus. Si Young tells Yoo Joon and Mi Rae that she is leaving because something is wrong. As they enter the house, he tells her to wear the house slippers. Yo han walks to her and tells her to monitor the brainwaves for 24 hours. He says she is the first person to discover his secret. He comments that she trusts Yo Han. Synopsis: 'Doctor John' also known as 'Doctor Room' is a medical drama about doctors that specialize in pain management. The patient says that she is anxious all the time, as she doesn’t know when her pain may return. She says it is a miracle he survived in a place more dangerous than that – the penitentiary. Doctor John is a human medical drama of anesthetists who seek the cause of mysterious pain their patients suffer, like detectives chasing after a suspect. Yo Han comes home, washes his hands and changes his clothes. It was pleasant to see all the characters smiling as they got their happy and optimistic ending. She says she will check results in 24 hours. At Yo Han’s room, Si Young walks up to him and says that she can keep his secret for as long as possible. Yo Han tries telling her that she is going overboard and she immediately screams at him asking who is going overboard. Yo Han asks what is the problem. She asks him why he wants her to monitor the brainwave for 24 hours.
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