I normally go from 80 to 180 and call it done. Steve, I’d love to be able to skip all those in-between grits. Author Topic: Diablo Sandnet vs Mirka Abranet (Read 3348 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Chance B. It is called SandNet and fits 5” ROS. They are very easy to blow out, shake out or wash out dust particles and keep reusing. Diablo SandNet (home depot) complete FAIL. I think the sander works better if it’s not just re-grinding the dust it made. JavaScript is disabled. Mesh sandpapers vs regular (Abranet or SandNet) Hello, ... Diablo SandNet Also, I been reading reviews that with these, I may not need to follow the sequence as much because of LESS SCRATCH MARKS. But it fails with the SandNet. Has anyone tried the Diablo Sandnet and compared them to Mirka's Product? Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Then, we repeated the test with two more discs of each brand and averaged the results. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I used a Makita. And I skipped to 120, then 220 as I saw less swirls marks. Sanvito, if you try these, please report back. What kind of sander are you using that allows you to go from 80-180? Come join the discussion about shop safety, wood, carpentry, lumber, finishing, tools, machinery, woodworking related topics, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! I get very little swirl marks with mirka 80x. 2. Festool and its affiliates cannot be responsible for improper postings or your reliance on the website's material. 1. From Rant To Rave in One Night. Diablo SandNet Disc. I have been wanting to try some of the new sanding products but I have been afraid it would be just a waste of money. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual. Thinking that you're collecting anything worthwhile in the factory supplied bag...its more like an exhaust filter. A forum community dedicated to professional woodworkers and enthusiasts. I been getting too many swirl marks with Mirka 80, and maybe because I don't change it often enough. Diablo paper ok job 3. Ok, so I tested the following on sanding down a walnut table to bare wood. The Diablo disks are very nice and offer a lot more than just your traditional sanding disc. I'm not sure I see much advantage in this unless you need it today, right now. TS 75 EQ, Router 1400 OF, Carvex PS420 EQB, Rotex 90 and 125, ETS 150/3, Domino DF 500 + Kit, CXS Drill set, T18 Drill Set, MFT/3, Rails 75" and 2x 55" with Connector and Case, Compact Cleaning Kit, Sys 4 TLsort/3, CT 48 with 27mm and 36mm anti static hose, Sys MFT-FX set. I'm ordering more Mirkas now ! The sander itself makes a considerable difference. Diablo has come out with a new product for sanding. That bag fills up. If so, the Depot is all over the country and open 15 hrs a day. It will come apart if necessary, but I made it to stay together to kind of force me to use the vacuum. (That's more than 11 hours of sandi… These are screens with Aluminum oxide grains. With this rig, I never even see the dust on the surface. Mirka paper Yep, it lasted longer and less dust on the wood. This is a great conversation on the latest in sanding and I hope it continues. Was curious as well, my local Home Depot had a promo on the Diablo. Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk. First, these discs are reusable which you won’t find with other disks. 07-05-2017 02:17 AM by papadan | 18 comments ». A 1-pound weight affixed atop the sander provided consistent downward pressure. While Diablo’s SandNet disks perform similarly to conventional paper abrasives in terms of material removal and surface prep (with some exceptions at the lower grits), they make keeping your work surface and work area clean much easier, thanks to the great dust collection possible with them. For example, to refinish a table, I start with 80 / 120 / 220. Some sanders run at a slower rpm so the 80 grit could very easily make swirls which would be more difficult to get rid of.
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