The discharge is a great spot to cast from a boat, as are the rocks surrounding this large peninsula, especially on the east side. Jul 08, 2017 - Connecticut River. Read more: The "public trust" area includes beaches, rocky shores and open waters along tidal and navigable waters. Get the facts at For more information, call Captain Morgan’s Bait and Tackle on Route 1 in Madison at (203) 245-8665. The most popular and productive fishing spot in the park is probably Meigs Point jetty, which is at the east end near a small boat launch. Listed from east to west, here are some of the top bass hotspots in your area this month. Connecticut offers a number of places for a good catch, not to mention the awesome sunrise and sunset views you’ll get coming up over the trees. For more information and a free 2005 Connecticut Angler’s Guide, call the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s Fisheries Department at (860) 424-3474. Some of the features on will not function properly with out javascript enabled. “That’s a great spot,” Capt. Be cautious of strong currents and slippery footing when wading this area. The launch is on the left. Be cautious of strong currents and slippery footing when wading this area. You’ll also likely catch large numbers of hungry bluefish. You can also fish your way down the beach along the north end of Niantic Bay. Waters 250 feet deep rapidly shallow to 70 feet or less to create a massive rip line. For more information, call the Office of Long Island Sound Programs at 860-424-3034. For southern New England saltwater anglers, July means hot fishing in Long Island Sound. To find it, travel Route 156 in Waterford to Route 213, south on Goshen Road and the launch is straight ahead. Connecticut has a two-fish, 28-inch limit on striped bass. When launching at Jordon Cove, Bartlett Reef is out of the bay and a short run to the southeast. The most popular and productive fishing spot in the park is probably Meigs Point jetty, which is at the east end near a small boat launch. During the same spring period, another body of fish migrates northward from Chesapeake Bay, rounds Montauk Point at the tip of Long Island and floods into Long Island Sound, where both populations merge and create outstanding late-spring and early-summer fishing. The best times to fish the bar are early morning and evening near a high tide with a west wind. DEEP COVID-19 Response. These 10 Amazing Spots In Connecticut Are Perfect To Go Fishing. Walk from the parking lot toward the train bridge, where you’ll find a concrete walkway that passes beneath it and accesses the beach. Bass are attracted to the area because of the confluence of the Quinnipiac, Mill and West rivers, which dump baitfish into the harbor just above the sandbar. “The big bass go running through there all summer.”. If you are seeking a king-sized cow bass, you’ll need to invest more time fishing at night. In-season visitors must pay a daily-use fee. Fishing Areas (lakes, ponds and major rivers) near Connecticut cities, Lakes and Ponds Available for Public Fishing - See Lakes and Ponds section in the Fishing Guide, Rivers and Streams Available for Public Fishing - See Rivers and Streams section in the Fishing Guide, Areas with access for persons with disabilities, Shore Fishing in Coastal State Parks (includes areas with access for persons with disabilities). Three breakwaters mark the harbor’s entrance, inside of which the waters are shallow except for a deep, well-marked channel running north through its midline to I-95. A fee is collected on weekends and holidays. However, anglers should also respect the rights of adjacent landowners by not crossing private property without permission and by leaving the shoreline clean and litter free. What’s exciting about July stripers is that when you find them, you normally find them in numbers. To access the train bridge fishing area in Niantic, turn north 100 yards west of the Niantic River bridge on Route 156 and follow the signs for the Black Hawk party boat parking. Only anglers with larger (17 feet or longer) boats should venture here because the sea becomes rough when strong tides and winds converge. Expect choppy riptide conditions even on calm days, which become extremely rough when a stiff breeze opposes the current. It’s located eight miles southeast of Niantic Bay at the mouth of Long Island Sound. In upstate Connecticut, the Housatonic River is known for its excellent trout fishing. The Race is one of the few spots on the Sound that’s best left to the pros. Early mornings and evenings are the best times here. Signs mark the parking and access areas. COVID-19 Information: Connecticut residents are urged to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to local charter captains, now is a good time to get in on the schoolie bass bite. For popular party boats that ply The Race, call the Mijoy from Waterford, which sails daily at 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., at (860) 443-0663; the Black Hawk from Niantic, which sails daily at 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., at (860) 739-9296; or the Hel-Cat II, which sails daily from Groton at 9 a.m., at (860) 445-5991. For visitor information, contact the Connecticut Office of Tourism at (800) CT-BOUND or visit the agency’s Web site at Fly Fishing the Houtsatonic River CT The famous Appalachian trail follows the river from Bulls Bridge all the way to Falls Village.
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