Closet Rod. 18 posts related to Closet Shelf And Rod Height. The standard height of a shelf in a bedroom closet is around 48 inches, which is the height at which the clothing rod is hung. Allow sufficient height to insure your clothing hangs freely. I think alot of the old standards were meant to accommadate children and adults. By Sherry On June 13, 2018 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Closet Shelf And Rod Height, 5 / 5 ( 1 votes ) Advertisement. The telescoping pull-rod can be adjusted to the length that works best for you. In a walk-in closet 66" is a nice rod shelf height and gives some room between it and the 80" top shelf above it.. Additional closet or linen shelving: lower shelf 22" second shelf 38" third shelf 42" fourth shelf 66" Any rod or shelf more than 50" long gets a bracket. Add the rod's one-of-a-kind integrated pole guard, which protects the finish from scratches while giving you a smooth slide surface for perusing all your fashion choices. When installing a closet rod, height is one of the main things to consider. Advertisement « Facebook; Twitter; Pin it... Google Plus; Digg; Reddit; Linkedin; Stumbleupon; Delicious; Email friend » Author: Sherry. Rev-A-Shelf's Side Mounted, Pull-Down Closet Rod is available in three sizes and features an adjustable rod length to accommodate various openings depending on model. Rod installation height 68" Closet Rod and Shelf Bracket Installation First, determine the location of your closet’s rear wall studs. Next, determine the installation height of your rod. It is adjustable from 34" to 50" to accommodate universal design and handicap accessible applications. Then everyone started doing 2 shelves, 2 rods, etc. However, it should be easily reached by everyone using the closet. For rods hanging at 63" (height for dresses), place shelf 70" above the floor. Closet Shelf And Rod Height. so they could end up anywhere. I had a guy today that wanted his shaving sink at 42". For double hanging space, shelves can be placed at 42" and 84" above the floor. Closet Shelf Dividers For Wire Shelf. Used to be 67" with one rod and shelf. (normal vanity sink is at 30"). It all depends on your personal preference :) In a 24" deep closet 16"wide single rod shelf at 66", I like to add a 12" shelf above at 78". Raise the bar with our closet rods whose unique notch and groove design provides added strength and eliminates pole spinning. A closet rod must be high enough off the ground to allow ample room for clothing, coats or whatever will hang on the rod. So the shelf over the rod needs to be around 3 inches above it, which offers enough room to remove clothes from the rod without scratching the bottom of the shelf. For a double closet rod, top rod 75-80" bottom rod 36-40" from floor. What is the standard height to hang a mirror over a shelf?
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