I actually cut my hair in AIT to my chin and regretted it. Spray and pin down any extra hairs that are not securely in place. Great hub and video! I always looked so sloppy when I was growing my hair out after cutting it. 7. 4. I have been doing buns for working out but I could always use some more tricks to get it to stay perfectly in place. Secure the hair onto the sock bun with a hair tie. “Like most females, I have a preference on the type of products I use, which can be expensive and when I am done, my hair is really hard with no fly-aways,” Sudduth explained. You are basically tucking them away out of sight. Wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie to hide it. Spray your hair (except the hair in the ponytail) with hairspray and smooth it down. “There is usually not enough time changing over from physical training to do anything to your hair because it takes too much time. 5. I had a good friend when I was stationed in Baumholder, Germany that wore it like that and was always shocked at how long it was down. It looks sleek and professional, and it stays in place. For those who have long hair, the twist is taking a sock and wrapping hair around it to get the picture-perfect Marine Corps-standard bun worn by female Marines. The process usually involves a lot of hair wetting, conditioning, spraying, combing, brushing and spritzing of gels, oils and the like. until 0400 est. According to MCO P1029.34G, female Marines can no longer exercise the option of cutting all their hair off in order to prevent adding pounds of gel and hairspray to keep their hair in place. Wrap the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail. However, the military-issue black dress socks work great for this. If you don't want to cut up your dress socks, you can buy a pre-made sock bun doughnut for really cheap on Amazon or eBay. Jailyn Dennis, adjutant clerk, MCLB Albany, said it is harder for African-American females to maintain their hair because of the standards and humidity here in Southwest Georgia. Pin loose ends into the bun with bobby pins. I had to get up every morning and straighten my hair so it wasn't crazy. Place a hair tie around the bun you created (you can use two to make it even more secure). 4. Flip your head over and spread your hair evenly over the sock doughnut in all directions. “I can’t wear my natural hair because it is too hard to maintain during the work week and it would only break off if I wear it out too long,” she said. For extra security, use hair gel and hairspray to secure it.... Create a part in your hair if you would like one. I don't know about everywhere, but you are not allowed to bring hairspray to Marine boot camp. Put enough gel on the hair in the ponytail so that it is lightly covered. Once you twist the sections, make sure to wrap them around the bun to secure them in place. Image Source: Iambbofficial.tumblr.com Gel for buns. Once hair is secured, place all of the hair through the sock bun (be sure to use a sock that is close to your hair color). 3. “I usually wear short extensions or braids because it is easier to maintain in uniform,” she said. : ). “It costs more in time and money to ‘de-bun’ my hair when I take it down. And it doesn't look that difficult. Runner-Up, Best for Curly Hair: Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel Stronger Hold Buy on Amazon Buy on Ulta The key to finding the perfect hair gel for curly girls is finding a formula that provides a reliable hold but allows the curl to naturally take shape and move. For them, whipping their long locks into a suitable style in minutes is not a reality. Megan Dodd (author) from Florida on December 10, 2012: Thanks, it does look good as just an everyday hairstyle but its best for military because it doesn't move! Photo By Pamela Jackson | 5. Unlike male Marines’ weekly trips to the barber for a standard fades, getting the perfect bun can be quite costly in terms of hair products used by females. Feb 11, 2014 - Military bun for long/thick hair without using a sock - good idea. I've trained it so all I have to do is wet down the top, add a pony tail, then spray the tail with water and twist into a bun. Start at one spot and move in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around the whole bun. Take the sock off your foot, keeping it rolled up. Don't cut your hair short to look cute; I promise there is nothing cute about crazy hair in the field. It’s all about uniformity and something we take great pride in.”
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