Stand tall with feet shoulder-distance apart on the lowest step. Jump forward off the step with both feet. Be sure to engage your stomach muscles. Lower your hips down and back by bending at the knees. Place your right forearm down on the barre and bend both knees slightly. Face toward the bottom of the stairs. These exercises include leg lifts, hamstring curls, and wall squats. Cooling down after a workout is a good way to prevent injury and help your body ease back into a resting state. ... Bend down as far as possible without causing pain. Hold for 30 seconds. The stretch occurs whether you are bending down to pick something up or if you are bending as part of an actual stretch. As you land, bend your knees to control the landing. Stand facing the barre, or back of a chair or sturdy countertop. We’ve got 16 exercises to try. Learn more about how to strengthen the knee here. Throughout this butt workout exercise, you want to think about "keeping the body pitched forward from the hips so that the work is in the gluteus, not the lower back," says Mallett. This action stretches a variety of muscles on the back of your body. Bending down brings two points on the front of your body -- your torso and your legs -- closer together. A. For this exercise, you'll perform mini-squats.
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