I'm not sure why the balance was set to only the right, I certainly never set this myself... 04/19/2019 by If it’s ok, remove the sound cable while playing music. 12/26/2018 by This sequence will happen three times. If you have not installed any latest updates on your device, the older version of the OS could be causing issues with Beats headphones. If none of the methods above worked for you, your Beats headphones could have issues in them and should be replaced. All of the Fuel Gauge LEDs blink white, then one LED blinks red. I am having issues issues with the right side of my Beats solo3 wireless headphones. I have a pair of Beats headphones and the audio works perfectly fine when I use the cable, but when I use the bluetooth functionality. Not quite sure if your headphones are like this but in some the aux socket has internal contacts that change over to disconnect the BT and connect the aux input when a cord is inserted. Is there any recomendations on what i could do to fix the headphones. God bless you! Product-related questions? Be careful because there are several tiny cables welded to the board and can be broke easily. I pulled out that tape and I saw the soldering tracks there. If you can’t, the problem lies in your audio device and not in your Beats headphones and your device needs to be fixed for both the sides of your Beats headphones to function. It may be that you have half plugged the cable and so the headphone does not receive signals for one side. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check and make sure the cable jack is fully plugged in. Bluetooth is a technology standard for transmitting data between one device to another. Member of iMobie team as well as an Apple fan, love to help more users solve various types of iOS & Android related issues. it was simple as that! @caleb1. I personally noticed if I connect my cord that the Bluetooth will automatically turn off so the solution is to get aluminum foil. Have you tried a different BT source just to prove the problem is in the headphones? Mine is still not working properly. The other cables on that side (power and bluetooth) both work. I believe the malfunction was due to wear and bad contact of the cable plug. I didn't understand what to do : where to insert sound cable, in the computer or in the headset ? I've been trying different things all day and this was the first thing to work. Damian Franklin Jr. The issue could have been caused due to a simple misconfiguration here or there and fixing it will let you hear from both the sides on your Beats headphones. Let’s check out what all the fixes we have for your Beats solo 2 wireless one side not working issue. After buying these headphones, some of the users have complained that the one side of their Beats headphones is not working. Updates on an iOS device can be installed from Settings > General > Software Update. If the one side is not working on your Beats Solo 2/3 or any other model for that matter, you do not need to panic or start worrying about the amount of money you have invested in the headphones. A simple fix for the issue is to launch your audio settings panel on your device and ensure all the settings are correct. So they worked for about 2 weeks then one side stopped working which is the left side. thanks a bunch, 09/18/2018 by Genius, absolutely brilliant. You may have to open the headphones and check if the aux connector is loose from the circuit board. 1 - Connect with bluetooth and hear sound is not ok. 2 - Insert sound cable when it is playing hear sound ok, 3 - When playing audio remove sound cable, 4 - Power off/on headphones and reconnect bluetooth. I hope this helps anyone who may be experiencing this problem! Joshua Cook. but the left side of the headphone doesn't work while using on wireless. David Libeau, cheesy puffs I tried restarting them but led lights don't turn on neither they connect with my iPhone. What headphone speaker is not playing, Left or Right? Product released in 2011. Simen Eggebø, my headphones are only playing out of one ear at a time back and fourth please help, 05/10/2018 by In Step. Jorge Aurelio Menendez, Thank you so much. i can only hear out my left when in bluetooth mode. To get the latest updates on your device, you can launch the app or panel that usually downloads and installs updates on your device and update your device with the latest software version available. If they are not, change them and make sure your Beats headphones are chosen as the output audio player. First try, too! Terms — I sprayed electrical contact cleaner into the speaker cable hole and plugged in & pulled out the cable a bunch of times to clean the contacts.
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