It can be mixed with many many options. SPIRITS STYLE. 53 reviews. Bacardi. COUNTRY. SPIRITS TYPE. Great in coke or in tropical juice based drinks. Puerto Rico. RumHaven is the BEST ever. Start your review of Bacardi Coconut Rum 200mL! Pick Up. It is a coconut rum that is made with coconut water which gives it a cleaner more pure coconut taste. Find a variety. BRAND. octobre 6 2017, 4:28 pm. 95102750-1. Sweet, clean and refreshing. Featured. Flavored Rum, Coconut. Coquito, meaning "Little Coconut," in Spanish is a traditional Christmas drink originating from Puerto Rico. 35 % SKU. Puerto Rico- Carefully crafted product that infuses Bacardi rum with the essence of real coconut. Review: Bacardi Rock Coconut Flavored Rum December 8, 2010 As it did with “ Torched Cherry ,” Bacardi continues its tradition of double-flavoring rums and giving the finished product one, nonsensical name. It doesn't taste like sun tan lotion like many other coconut rums. Sarah M. Arlington, VA. 179 reviews. ABV. BACARDI COCO RUM 750ml. $11.79. This delicious Coquito embodies Bacardi traditional rum production with a silky coconut flavor, toasty spices and hints of vanilla and cinnamon that celebrate the Caribbean culture and holidays. It is growing in popularity and is becoming more available. Rum. Which variety would you like to review? Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. Bacardi Coconut rum - rated #3770 of 9943 rums: see 34 reviews, photos, other Bacardi rums, and similar Flavored rums from Puerto Rico
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